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TRAPPED bridges the gap between board games and escape rooms. How? By turning any room into a
family friendly escape room adventure!
The game has no board. Everything you need is provided in the box. Empty the contents and use the
materials provided to turn one room in your home into your own immersive escape room experience.
Packed with problems to solve and puzzles to crack, all you need to do is add your friends and family
and escape the room!

Welcome to the Carnival, an experience you will never
forget! It has been your life long dream to work alongside
the mysterious fortune tellers and jaw-dropping illusionists.
You submit your application and two weeks later are amazed
to hear you have been invited for an interview.
Although everything may look normal,
the Muggins Carnival is far from ordinary. Before you start
on a permanent basis the Ringmaster needs to see how you
perform in his initiation test; a handcrafted selection of
puzzles and mysteries.
Race head-to-head with your friends and family to see who
will be crowned carnival King or Queen. Come and join the


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